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2021 Membership

IOCA membership for 2021 will be available from Wednesday 18 November 2020. Membership is annual and will expire on 31 December 2021.

By joining IOCA you are becoming a member of the largest Junior sailing class in the UK.

IOCA (UK) membership is required for British sailors to:

  • participate in IOCA Area Winter Training
  • enter IOCA (UK) major events
  • be invited to IOCA (UK) Invitational Training
  • be invited to the IOCA (UK) Team Selection Trials.

Membership records checked when entering for national events.

  • Make sure that all the details entered on the membership form are correct. Event retries for IOCA (UK) national events are checked against the membership records and the entry will fail if they do not match.
  • To change membership information including a sail number, contact

Errors that are easy to make on membership forms, so please check before sending!

  • Spelling errors
  • Incorrect date of birth
  • Incorrect sail numbers

E-mail address

Remember your “sailing” email address entered on the membership form if you have more than one email address.  The same address needs to be used when entering events.

Additional sailors

  • An additional sailor can be added to Family Membership during the membership year.



Alt_Scott McKenzie 2013 North Island Champion1


  • a member of the largest sailing class association in the UK
  • able to participate in IOCA UK Area Winter Training
  • able to participate in 6 national sailing championships
  • be selected to attend IOCA Girls Invitational Training
  • be selected to join an IOCA Winter Training Squad
  • be selected to represent Great Britain at International Championships and events
  • receive OpEnews to keep up to date

Membership Fees 2020

£25.00 per family plus £20.00 for each sailor.

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IOCA membership for 2021 will be available from Wednesday 18 November 2020. Membership is annual…

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