Inland Championship:
The Inland is approaching again and at this point no one has volunteered to be the event coordinator. Anyone with a little time should be able to take on this role as there is a well-established frame work. The class cannot run without volunteers and this is your chance to contribute. If no one comes forward we may not be able to run the event.
Expressions of interest to please.

We need a new treasurer for the class and it should be you. Andy Felton has been doing a great job and stayed in post for an extra year. He is not an accountant and you don’t need to be either. It is vital to the class that someone steps up to take on this role soon so they can have an easy transition with Andy still available.

Qualifications: Should be able to count, able to use a spread sheet for a few hours a week, would like to be loved by everyone and can spend money.. There must be someone.
Expressions of interest to please.


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