Weir Wood Optimist Flotilla

The complete approach with three great stages

We are creating a great opportunity for the sailors, giving as many as possible a path to excel in our sport.

Our Location

We are lucky to sail on a butifull lake close to the Surrey, Sussex and Kent Border. Aswell as being a SSSIwith an important bird santury at one end providing great names for our Optimist Groups.
The team.

  • Will Gatehouse is our Flotilla Leader backed up by:
  • Matt Norris who organises our beginners the Weir Wood Warblers
  • Will and Richard help developing sailors skills as they move from Warblers to Hawks
  • Head Coach Vagelis Atzemain Leads the Wer Wood Hawks

Wier Wood Warblers

This is our Begginers group with training bassed on the IOCA sylibus. We aim to take our sailors though IOCA Optimist training level 1, and 2.

If you are interested in joining the Warblers email Matt.

Wier Wood Wagtails

Once our sailors can sail and are confident to venture forward they can move into our Wagtail group. We will work to help them to combine fun with learning to sail efficently on all points of sailing. At this stage we hope many will purchaes there own boats and start to develop a passion for sailing.

If you are interested in joining the Wagtails email Will

Weir Wood Hawks

We are extremely lucky to have Vagelis Atzemian a top, full time coach from Greece who has previously coached the UK National Squad. He wants to work with a consistent group to produce great sailors. This means we are looking for a commitment to the team program. In its first 6 month our program has already proved to be an effective path to National level success.
How the Team Works
There is no magic to attaining great results and reaching the top in junior sailing. The key thing to make this happen is putting the right pieces in place.
• Enthusiastic sailors of the right age, who want to do well and have attained the basic skills
• An organised program of Training and Coaching
• Commitment to enough hours on the water training and racing
• A good consistent coach to bring the sailors forward

We have already seen this proven with amazing progress by all our sailors. The most extreme being a sailor who sailed in Regatta fleet in the spring and progressed to finish 12th in main fleet at the End of Seasons Championship. That 12th in the whole country.

• As we train at WWSC each sailor must be a member of the club.
• We need to pay Vagelis as our coach and this is done via a subscription of £150 per month per sailor. It is quite a commitment but as a team we aim to provide around 90 days training a year so £20 a day for child care and high quality training is a bargain and less than half the commercial rate.
• We also team up to provide very cost effective boat and sailor transport to events and training
The sailors can travel in the Mini Bus free of charge we also have a package for most events including boat transport, food and accomadation. This makes competing in an Optimist much less costly than each sailor traveling and staying with a parent indipendantly.
The sailors also ain so much in terms of beinf indepedant whilst enjoying and learning from the team experience.

If you are interested in joining the race team email