IOCA (UK) Rolling Ranking – Introduction

After much discussion with the Selectors and within the IOCA Committee, we are very pleased to now be in the position to publish the both the criteria that will be used to determine the Rolling Ranking as well as the current Rolling Ranking after the 2021 Winter Championships.

We are very much aware that this has taken longer than some would like, but we felt it was more important to have spent the time to go through the merits of all the possibilities and ensure what we published was robust and well thought out.

Also, whilst we are very much aware that the Ranking List will be eagerly awaited by some sailors / parents, others may feel that there should not be a Ranking List at all. Both views were represented on the Committee which ensured a robust debate, taking all views into account.

Whilst I am in favour of a Rolling Ranking, I do understand the point of view of those who have concerns – e.g. that it may negatively impact sailors who are perhaps not getting the Ranking they would like by putting too much focus on results at every event. I think in these cases (as for any individual event), it is up to the parents to ensure that the relative importance of the Ranking is framed appropriately for the individual sailors. From experience, the best advice comes from those RYA slides – focus on the process goals, NOT the results outcome.

For those sailors who have eagerly awaited the Rolling Ranking, as spelled out in our values and behaviours, I would ask that they are sensitive and encouraging to those who may be below them in the Ranking.

Before going into the details of the policy and the actual Rolling Ranking, I will just answer a couple of questions which will inevitably come up:

1. Why have we taken the events from 2021 into account when notification was not given prior to those events that they would be “Ranking Events”?

Firstly, if we did not do this and started from scratch now, then the first discard would only become available after the 2022 End of Season Champs (after 4 events), whereas by counting the 2021 events there will already be 2 discards after the 2022 Spring Champs – this means we have a meaningful ranking much sooner and putting less pressure on the sailors at the earlier events in 2022. Secondly, we did mention prior to these events that it was possible they may be used for a Ranking. Thirdly, we are not actually using the Ranking at this time for any selections (i.e. there are no IOCA Winter Squads to be selected from the Ranking as was the case in the past). Taking all these factors into account, it was decided that the best course of action from the sailors’ perspective was to use the 2021 events to get the Ranking up and running properly asap.

2. What if a Sailor feels they have been disadvantaged by the decision outlined above?

There is no recourse on the Rolling Ranking, but all selection policies contain a clause which allows a sailor who feels they have been disadvantaged through no fault of their own to apply to the Selectors for a discretionary place on a Team. The Selection Committee will then consider each request on its individual merits.

3. What will the Rolling Ranking be used for?

There are no specific plans as to how the Ranking will be used at this point in time. The current plan is to still select the major teams (Worlds, Euros, Dev. etc) at the Team Selections event in May. However, conceptually, the Rolling Ranking may be used for selecting sailors to be invited to invitational training or ad-hoc invitations to events which might pop up throughout the year. Specifics will be decided by the new Committee as they put together the plan for 2022.

Hopefully this background was useful and answers the main questions, but should you have any more queries then please feel free to drop me an email or, better still, register for the AGM and submit your question to be asked there.

Kind Regards
Richard Breese
IOCA (UK) Chair

IOCA (UK) Rolling Ranking – Policy

The Ranking List will be a Rolling Ranking with points calculated using the sum of a sailor’s best 3 scores (determined in accordance with the provisions set out below) from each of the last 5 Ranking Events which meet the required criteria.

The following IOCA (UK) Major Events will be the Ranking Events used to produce the Ranking List:

  • Spring Championships
  • Early Summer Championships
  • Late Summer Championships
  • End of Season Championships
  • Winter Championships

Should there be fewer than 3 races sailed at a Ranking Event then that Ranking Event will not be included in the Rolling Ranking.

At the end of each Ranking Event, the overall finishing position will be adjusted to remove all ineligible sailors (e.g. overseas sailors) and the resulting score entered onto the Ranking List so that sailors may check their position before the next Ranking Event. Individual race results will not be re-scored.

DNC at a Ranking Event will be scored on the Ranking List as the total number of sailors on the Ranking List +1, not the DNC score for that individual Ranking Event.

On the 1st January all sailors who no longer satisfy the Optimist age criteria will be removed from the Ranking List.

In the event that sailors are tied on points in the final Ranking List, the low points scoring system will be used (RRS Appendix A8)

In the event that a sailor is unable to attend a Ranking Event due to a clash with a major international competition where their attendance has been sanctioned by the IOCA (UK) Selectors, the Selectors will use an average points score for that sailor.

IOCA (UK) Ranking List following 2021 Winter Championships

The Ranking List following the 2021 IOCA (UK) Winter Championships can be viewed by following this link


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