Committee roles and responsibilities



Purpose of Role

Key Responsibilities

Preferred skills/experience/qualifications

Appointed by the Committee (Non-voting / Attend Committee Meetings by Invitation Only)



To assist the Committee with decisions associated with the running of the class association

* Act as a source of knowledge regarding the history of the Class to enable the committe to make decisions and run the Class.

* Act as an independant person for any member of the Class/committee to approach to resolve differences that cannot be settled through normal channels.

Required: non parent of sailor within class at time in role.  Previous experience of class either as a parent or race officer

Preferred: previous committee experience.

Class Race Officer

To assist the Committee with decisions associated with the running of the class racing events (May be combined with President if the President has the requisite experience)


Required: National Race Officer

Elected Officers (Elected by membership at AGM / Full voting rights)



Managing the IOCA committee and class association

Oversee the general running of the association

* Ensure the constitution is upheld

* Plan ahead the decisions that will need to be taken and prepare meeting agendas with this in mind

* Ensure that subcommittees are formed, chaired and report to main committee

* Propose temporary subcommittees to address specific issues

* Ensure that proposals receive proper consideration and that if voting necessary that it is done in line with constitution

* Chair monthly management teleconferences

* Chair IOCA main committee meetings

* Be a trouble shooter to resolve areas of conflict or issues arising

* Be the “public face” of the class to the following stakeholders: IOCA membership, RYA, IODA

* Take ultimate responsibility for association matters such as insurance, health and safety, personnel, finances etc

Preferred:- Previous experience in an IOCA committee post

Desirable:- Some business management experience

Vice Chair

To assist the Chair in managing the IOCA committee and class association

Oversee the general running of the association

* Chair sub-committies as required

* Represent the chair at meetings in their absence

* Oversee policies and documentation for the class association

* Maintain a catalogue of all IOCA policies and procedures

* Ensure IOCA policy documents are kept up to date and made available to relevant parties

* Overview of IOCA website content and ensure it is kept up to date

Desirable:- Previous experience in an IOCA committee post and business management experience


Ensure the corporate responsibilities of the Class are met

* Ensure the Directors and Committee is aware of its legal responsibilities and that the Class is run in line and in accordance with the Company Articles of Association and Bye-laws.

* Ensure all relevant document is filed at Companies House in accordance with relevant deadlines

* Organise minutes of the IOCA committee and ensure timely update to IOCA website

* Manage the structure of IOCA committee document repository

* Ensure all relevant documentation is prepared and distributed to members ahead of AGM

* Be responsible for ensuring that the Class Insurances (including director liabilities) are up to date and suitable for purpose (provide summary each year to the committee) and provide support to Regional activities

Essential: the Secretary must have an understanding of company law and business management experience

Sailing Officer

Manage the class sailing events

Responsible for the development of a varied event programme to improve IOCA delivery (in terms of member value and sailor development)

* Chair the Sailing Committee 

* Scheduling Major National Events

* Overall planning, management & delivery for Major National Events including:

   * Venue selection, booking and coordination

   * Budgets

   * Ensuring full event team in place including:

      * PRO (and Race team)

      * Jury,

      * Safety coverage (working alongside Safety Control Officer)

      * Measurement (working alongside Technical Officer)

   * Admin (key event documentation)

   * Results

   * Prizes (working alongside the Prizes co-ordinator)

* Working alongside the Safety Control Officer to ensure all IOCA event/safety documentation is kept updated and relevant

Essential: the Sailing Secretary must have practical sailing experience and good knowledge of sailing rules

Safety Officer

Oversight and leadership of on-the-water safety cover at racing and traning events. 

* Ensure safety coverage at each of Springs, Selections, Early Summers, Nationals, End of Seasons, Winters and others, if required

* Work with the Sailing Officer to ensure the IOCA event/safety documentation is kept updated and relevant

* Ensure safety sign up is published on the IOCA event website at least 3 weeks prior to any event and details of those ribs signed up are available on event website ahead of the event

* Liaise with relevant safety fleet to ensure they have appropriate qualifications (as required)

* Ensure IOCA safety documentation is distributed to safety fleet and that safety fleet adhere to relevant policy/documentation

* Report any near miss/incidents to the Sailing Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair as soon as practically possible

* Assist with the resolution of any disputes/protest relating to safety fleet

Essential: practical sailing experience, VHF licence, competent RIB helm and experience of providing safety cover at Optimist events. RYA safety boat course or equivalent training.

Desirable: exerience in other dinghy classes, major incident planning, RNLI.


Manage the financial affairs of the class association

Note: The Treasurer uses two systems, Xero accounting software which is a straightforward to use web based accounting package and iocaexpenes website.  The website details all income and expense lines and post transactions with these lines into Xero.  Xero also downloads transactions from the company bank accounts and produces reports and management accounts.  All regions should be producing accounts and have bank accounts.

Key Responsibilities fall under the following headings:


        Produce annual budget for the class and have this approved by the management committee, including in regions

        Produce annual financial statements for filing at Companies House and presentation to the members, including in regions

        Produce management accounts on a quarterly basis for discussion by the management committee, including in regions

        Produce management information for committee members as required.

        Provide support/advise to committee members on their own strategic planning with job, event of cost centre job costings etc


The class receives income from various sources as follows:

Membership fee, entry fees for events, parental contributions to training and teams.  These are nearly all paid via GoCardless and if the income lines are in the iocaexpense they are posted in Xero.  All income needs to be reconciled to ensure all received and correctly posted.

Sponsorship – from the class sponsors: e.g. Gill, Xtremity and Noble Marine.  These need to be invoiced annually and chased up.

RYA grants – to support regional training needs to be invoiced annually.

The class also has ad hoc income like Commission on all insurance sold by the class insurer Noble Marine and sale of goods at the Nationals.


Ensure all expenses and invoices are paid in a timely manner.  Expenses are all posted into Xero by the system and then marked to be paid once approved by the relevant person.  All invoices are posted in to Xero by John or Maryan and need to be approved and paid.  


The Class has a bank accounts with Barclays and this needs to be monitored and reconciled to Xero on a regular basis.

Essential: The Treasurer must have sound financial knowledge of how a small business runs.

Competence in running Xero.

Understand profit and loss, balance sheets and excel spreadsheets



Teams Officer

To co ordinate the management of the IOCA(UK)/GBR overseas teams

Work with the Chair of the Selectors to manage the selection process for IOCA/GBR overseas teams for IODA Worlds, IODA Europeans and others as identified by the IOCA committee. 

Create and manage the budgets for each overseas team including approving expenses and reconciling after events 

Liaise with third parties in relation to travel, accommodation, boat charters, kit etc

Manage, the appointment of team managers, coaches and house parents. 

Ensure relevant policies and procedures are kept up to date and are adhered to

Essential: organised, attention to detail,  budgetting, good communication skills.

Desirable: project management experience.

Deputy Teams Officer

To assist the Teams Officer in coordinating the management of the IOCA (UK) overseas teams

* Work alongside the Teams Officer in respect of all aspects organising and managing IOCA overseas teams. 

* Represent the Teams Officer at meetings in their absence

Essential: organised, attention to detail,  budgetting, good communication skills.

Desirable: project management experience.

National Training Officer

To manage the IOCA(UK) open and high performance training programs and IOCA coaches at IOCA major events e.g. coach regatta fleet at Nationals

* Oversee Training & Development for the Class in line with the IOCA Strategic Plan 2023-26

Areas of responsibility: 

* Ensure all relevant training policies and proceedures are kept up to date and processes are in place to ensure they are ahered to

 Class Open Training

* Develop and set up a programme of open training opportunites to ensure opportunities for sailors of all levels

* Develop tranisitional opportunties for sailors with other classes

High Performance Training

* Work with the Selectors and RYA Lead Coaches to manage and refine the High Performance training programme

IOCA Coaching at national competitons.

* Arrange coaches as required for national events e.g. to support regatta fleet

Essential: organised, open-minded to new training approaches, passionate about training.

Desirable: experience of high-performance training in sailing

Regional Development Officer

Oversight and leadership of the IOCA  regional training and racing programs, with an overarching aim of  growing the Class nationally.  

* Work alongside the National Training Officer to oversee Training for the Class.

* To lead on regional growth for the Class, in line with the IOCA Strategic Plan 2023-26

Areas of responsibility:

Regional Activity

* Oversee and work alongsde the Class Development Officer (CDO) in their role, providing guidance and support where needed.

* Support the Regional Representatives to ensure a range of regional training and racing  opportunities.

* Co-Chair (with CDO) regular meetings with the Regional Reps

* Work with the regions/clubs/RYA to ensure promotion of Optimists within regions

* Act as a voice for the Regions within the committee

National Activity

* Work alongside RYA Scotland and Wales and IODAI to explore ways to grow the Class in the devolved nations.

Essential: organised, open-minded to new ideas, passionate about developing the Optimist class in the UK

Desirable: experience of growing an Optimist fleet at club and/or regional level, management experience - e.g. line management experience and strategic planning.

Equipment Officer

Oversee the Optimist Class assets - RIBS, trailers and Optimists.

* Responsible for collating information regardiing the class ribs, equipment, trailer and optimists to ensure they are regularly serviced and maintained. Liasing with custodians as necessary.

* Liaise with Sailing Officer, Training Officer and Teams Officer to ensure equipment are available to be used, as required, for events & training, in line with the relevant policies.

* Working with Class Secretary to ensure the Class insurance policy and the Class policies remain in line with current use.

Essential: organised, understanding of RIB maintenance, outboard engines, road trailers and service requirements. 

Marketing & Communicaitons Officer

Manage the marketing activities of the class

* Coordinating Brand

* Coordinating Sponsorship

* Organise Dinghy Show presence

* Coordinating PR 

* Coordinating production of Marketing Materials

* Support content of Newsletters

* Arrange for regular articles for Yachts & Yachting

Desirable: previous marketing experience

Volunteers  Officer

Co-ordinate the efforts of volunteers

* Responsible for co-ordinating the efforts of volunteers across the Class to ensure that new volunteers are actively sought and brought onboard to support the class at training & events.

* To ensure volunteers are recognised and thanked appropriately for their contribution.

Essential: organised, passionate about volunteering

Desirable: experience of recruiting volunteers

Technical Officer

Management of Optimist class measurement requirements in the UK


* Advise members on Optimist measurement matters

* Respond to ad hoc technical enquiries from members, measurers and overseas

* Setting up and management of all measurement processes, policies and documentation at IOCA (UK) events

* Liaison between IODA / IOCA (UK) / RYA on Measurement matters

* Convene a technical sub committee as required

* Keeping the IOCA (UK) website and event websites up to date on measurement matters

* Training and Certification of Optimist class Measurers

* Determine the needs of the Class with regard to measuring equipment e.g. boat scales, spars and hull jig.


Essential:- Qualified Optimist Class maintenance measurer

Desirable:- Experience of the Optimist Class and knowledge of the technical aspects of the class, such as class rules, processes for measurement certification and sail number allocation. A working knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing, ISAF regulations and Equipment Rules of Sailing, RYA Sail Measurer.


Child Welfare Officer

To assist the Class in ensuring that through appropriate procedures and training, children participating in activities organised by IOCA do so in a
safe and enjoyable environment. 

* To provide advice to the Committee on child welfare matters.

* To be the nominated point of contact for the Class for concerns regarding child welfare and safeguarding

* To work with the Vice-Chair to ensure relevant policies and procedures are up-to-date.

* To consider ways in which the Class can ensure sailors feelable to report any safeguarding concerns and to discuss this with coaches, judges and race officers as appropriate.

* To work with the RYA Safeguarding and Equality Team to ensure the Class is working in line with best
practices and to look at diversity within the Class beyond gender.

Essential: knowledge of safeguarding issues, guidelines and relevant legislation. Enhanced DBS check.

Desirable: previous experience of safeguarding and child welfare in another role or professional capacity.

Class Sponsors

Gill marine